Organisational Capability Building

The Irish Sports Council (ISC) is delighted to announce the launch of the Organisational Capability Building Strategy 2014-2018. The five year strategy aims to assist sports organisations successfully build organisational capability to their desired level and ensure that the services provided are fit for purpose.

John Treacy, Chief Executive of the ISC explained: "I am very pleased to announce this innovative strategy for building Organisational Capability within the sports sector. This strategy underpins the commitments made in the Irish Sports Council's overall strategy 2012 - 2014 'Building Sport for Life' with regard to the ongoing development of the capability and capacity of the sector. This strategy sets a vision for and gives direction to the manner in which we provide capability building services and ensures a mechanism by which we can assist sporting organisations to reach their desired levels of capability".

The key objective of the programme is to ensure that all sports organisations have reached their desired levels within a five year timeframe and ensure the successful delivery of all required organisational capability building services in line with the identified needs of the sector.

Alan O'Hare, HR and OCB Manager of the ISC continued: "This strategy is a commitment to a process of partnership between the Irish Sports Council and the relevant sports organisations. This partnership involves commitments to action from both sides. The ISC will for its part endeavour to support the sector in its attempt to build Organisational Capability and will do so through the on-going provision of a range of fit for purpose services. The sports organisations in turn will commit to ensuring that Capability Building will remain a key priority in their organisational plans for the next five years. This approach of partnership has brought significant returns to date and we hope this Strategy will serve as a road map for the on-going and continuous development of the sector".

Michael McDonnell, Managing Director, CIPD Ireland acknowledged: "CIPD Ireland warmly congratulates the Irish Sports Council on producing its Organisational Capability Strategy. This is a truly world class initiative that can be applied to all sports organisations regardless of size. It represents current best practice in leadership and organisational development and will, we believe, transform the effectiveness of participating individuals and organisations. CIPD is proud to endorse the programme".

Since 2012, the Irish Sports Council has provided OCB services to the sports sector in the capability areas of Project Management, Governance, Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Employee Performance Management and Organisational Leadership.



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