Q3 & Q4 2017 L&D Courses Now Live

L&D Courses - Q3/Q4 (Sept - Nov 2017)sp_smallse_smallOrganisational Leadershipcg_smallEmployee Performance Managementrm_smallpm_smallcm_small 

Project Management - 13th September - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports Campussp_smallrm_smallcm_small

This 1 day course is designed as a hands on, practical course to provide attendees with the skills and knowledge to Effectively Plan, Lead and Manage Multiple Projects.


Speaking With Impact - How to Wow (2 days) - 20th & 21st September - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports Campusse_small

This two day course is ideal for anyone who: has to speak on behalf of the organisation at public funtions or events or, make presentations for key internal or external groups, stakeholders or individuals. Participants will increase their effectiveness in delivering "off the cuff" and prepared presentations and speeches that connect with different audiences, persuade and motivate to take action.


Critical, Creative and Strategic Thinking - 26th September - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports Campussp_smallOrganisational Leadershipcm_small

This 1 day course will enable participants to have a better understanding of how & where they can and do employ the 3 types of thinking in their area, team/dept. at work. It will also give participants the opportunity to use creative & strategic thinking tools that they might employ to effect at work while also looking at their roles within the overall strategic vision of their organisation.


Media Training - 3rd October - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports Campussp_smallse_small

This 1 day course will help you understand how the media works and how best to implement an effective plan to maximise media coverage for your sport. This course is highly practical and particularly beneficial to those dealing with athletes.


Data Protection and Cyber Security - 17th October - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports CampusOrganisational Leadershipcg_smallrm_small 

This 1 day course aims to provide an overview of the new General DP Regulation, and to offer pragmatic suggestions on how to prepare for compliance with the new legislation.


Microsoft Excel Advanced - 1st November - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports Campus

This 1 day course is designed for candidates who would like to enhance their understanding and knowledge of Excel to an advanced level. It takes participants through the items listed in the course contents to a point where participants can use Microsoft Excel to advanced levels to increase efficiency in their everyday work.


Governance Code Workshop - 7th November - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports CampusOrganisational Leadershipcg_smallrm_smallcm_small

The Governance Code is a Code of Good practice for community, voluntary and charitable organisations in Ireland. It has been developed for the sector by the sector (www.governancecode.ie). This information session will provide participants with an overview of the Code and the compliance journey.


Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals - 14th November - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports Campus sp_smallOrganisational Leadershipcg_smallEmployee Performance Managementrm_smallcm_small

This 1 day practical, skill-based training programme is designed to help line managers, supervisors, team leaders or anyone else with responsibility for managing the performance in their organisation. The programme will give managers the confidence to deal with challenging behaviour and performance related issues while getting the best from those who are performing well.


Building Healthy Work Relationships Through Self-Awareness - 21st & 22nd November - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports CampusOrganisational LeadershipEmployee Performance Managementrm_smallcm_small

This 2 day course will focus initially on the internal landscape for participants. There will be an exploration of values, habits, preferences, behaviours, personality and other unique aspects of the individual. The course will also focus on the development of a range of skills and understanding of the behaviours associated with building healthy relationships in the workplace. Please note all attendees will be required to complete an MBTI Profile and attend a feedback session prior to the course.


The Practical Trainer: Building the skills & knowledge to run an effective training session - 28th November - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports Campusse_smallOrganisational LeadershipEmployee Performance Management

This 1 daycourse is designed for those that are or will be involved in training others. This course outlines the importance of considering the participants and their training needs, including different learning styles and adult learning principles. It will also outline how to write training objectives and evaluate whether these have been met and will look at how to develop an effective training style, using appropriate training aids and techniques.


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