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Institute of Sport to deliver 3 day training event


Institute of Sport to deliver 3 day training event for 70 expert practitioners under auspices of the Pursuit of Excellence Programme (PEP)




Dublin, March 18th 2013


On March 22nd – 24th the Irish Institute of Sport will deliver a 3-day training event targeting top coaches and expert service providers across high performance sport. The theme for the event concerns collaborative practices in a multi disciplinary work place context. The event signals a unique coming together between 2 professional communities namely top coaches and expert service providers. The initiative forms part of the Institute’s training and development programme entitled the Pursuit of Excellence (PEP).


‘The up coming 3 day event provides the Institute with a unique opportunity to interface with 2 critical professional communities who provide a series of specialized supports to athletes. In total 45 expert service providers from 9 scientific disciplines and 25 coaches from 13 sports will attend the event. This is a unique professional gathering that is highly skilled and highly motivated to achieve excellence. The Institute of Sport is delighted to provide this training and development support to such an important group of professionals in our community’ stated Gary Keegan, Director, Irish Institute of Sport. 


Top speakers from Sailing, Boxing and Paralympic Cycling will present in-depth case studies designed to showcase unique collaborative practices between athletes, coaches and expert service providers. ‘Annalise and I are delighted to be asked to present some of our experiences managing the post game experience. The knowledge exchanged between athletes, coaches and service providers is critical to achieving effectiveness in high performance sport’ stated Rory Fitzpatrick, High Performance Coach, Irish Sailing Association.


Other key speakers will include Brian Nugent, Head Coach, Irish Cycling and Billy Walsh, Head Coach, Irish Amateur Boxing association. Each coach will be joined by key members of their performance support team in showcasing collaborative practices within their respective sport.

In preparation for the event, the Institute has identified 3 key objectives for the event. The objectives include:

1.      Identify the key professional competencies concerning effective teamwork and collaboration

2.      Discuss how an athlete coach relationship can exchange and apply the knowledge derived from their performance science support

3.      Explore possible evaluation methods concerning collaborative teamwork during the post competition period


‘The theme of multi disciplinary support practices is key to the Institute’s philosophy concerning high performance support. This up coming event provides the Institute with a unique opportunity to explore some of the key collaborative themes and processes concerning best practice high performance support. We are excited at the prospect of bringing together such a diverse and high skilled group of professionals for what promises to be a unique collaborative event’ stated Phil Moore, Director, Performance Services, Irish Institute of Sport.


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