Real Winner


Real Winner is an interactive e-learning education programme about anti-doping covering topics such as Doping Control Procedures, the WADA Prohibited List, whereabouts, therapeutic use exemption and the consequences of doping. Real Winner consists of nine interactive modules, ranging from five to ten minutes per module, plus an introduction module; the entire course can be completed in just over an hour.

To access the programme, click the banner above; on the 'Login' section of the Real Winner homepage, enter your Name, Email address, select your Sport and Status and click 'Log In'. Remember these details as you have the option of either completing all modules at once, or you can exit at any time and return to where you left off when you next log in.

When you have completed all modules, you can print a Certificate of Completion.

The following are the nine modules of Real Winner:

  • Case 0 - Introduction

  • Case 1 - Rules

  • Case 2 - Consequences for health

  • Case 3 - Doping control procedures

  • Case 4 - Therapeutic Use Exemptions

  • Case 5 - Whereabouts

  • Case 6 - Dietary supplements

  • Case 7 - The WADA Prohibited List

  • Case 8 - Breach of anti-doping regulations

  • Case 9 - Role model and values communicator

If you have any queries about using Real Winner, contact the Anti-Doping Unit on 01-8608800 or