Results Management

The following is intended to give you a summary of what can happen when your sample is tested by a WADA accredited laboratory. Similar proceedings would occur in the case of an athlete or athlete support personnel being investigated for other anti-doping rule violations such as refusal to undertake an anti-doping test or three whereabouts failures in 18 months. However the discussion below on results management focuses on the results management process following an anti-doping test result.

Samples (urine and blood) collected by Sport Ireland are sent to a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) accredited laboratory for testing. There are three possible outcomes following sample analysis:

(1) Negative Result - no prohibited substances or methods are detected in your sample. Your NGB is responsible for informing you of the result of your negative anti-doping test. If you do not receive a result please contact your Anti-Doping Officer and ask that they forward you your result.

(2) Atypical Finding - Some prohibited substances are produced naturally in the body. In certain circumstances the presence of such substances in the A Sample may result in the laboratory reporting an Atypical Finding.

On receiving an A Sample Atypical Finding, Sport Ireland reviews if a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) has been granted to you, or if you are entitled to apply for a post-test TUE, in which case Sport Ireland will contact you to inform you of the process to make this post-test TUE application
if there has been a departure from the International Standard for Testing or International Standard for Laboratories that may have caused the atypical finding.

Following the review, Sport Ireland will make a decision whether to refer the case to the Disciplinary Panel for adjudication. In this case Sport Ireland will forward all details to you, the athlete your National Governing Body, and the Irish Sport Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel in accordance with Article 7.3.2.